Things that Happened Yesterday

This is a wee bit self-indulgent, but hear me out.  (Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.)

i had a lovely day yesterday, most of which I spent refreshing the hit counter for this blog every sixty seconds, while I watched comments come in on Facebook and Twitter.  My gawd, is there anything a performer likes more than attention?  (Hint:  yes, there is, and it rhymes with malcohol.)

Highlights of the day included being told by my Aunt Cat that I should be a Unitarian minister, and a twitter follower who created the hashtag #iammartin.

After sending him the link, I was rather pleased to see Christopher Gillett, an actual working opera singer, and author of Who’s My Bottom?, the book that I refer to as Opera’s answer to Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, issue the following tweet:

If you’re at all interested in what life is like for a working-stiff opera singer (as opposed to an opera star), you should check out his blog.

Also, I was just tickled by this:

Thanks to everyone who read my little meditation on not quite living your dream.  And if you came back today to see what else I have to say, double thank you!


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