Happy Valentine’s Day. Have Some Puccini.

Happy Valentines day, kiddos!  How about a little romance?  To me, nothing says romance like Puccini!

Ah…love at first sight.  If you ask me, it’s a myth.  But it happens on the world’s opera stages every day.  Here’s an adorable clip of real life married couple Stephen Costello and Ailyn Perez singing Rodolfo’s and Mimi’s act 1 duet from La Boheme.  The text of the duet basically amounts to, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but you’re going to be dead in act 3, so go out with me maybe?”

Here’s a cute video of a surprise performance in a British supermarket of the Act 2 finale from La Rondine, in which Ruggero offers a toast to Love.

Finally, what I consider to be the most romantic aria ever (sung by the dreamiest tenor ever):  Recondita Armonia from the first act of Tosca.  In it, the artist Mario compares the woman who modeled for his painting to his lover Floria Tosca, explaining that the women are both beautiful, but Tosca is the one who has his heart.


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