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Enough with the Sexist Crap, Lebrecht!

Alright Norm, (can I call you Norm?) It’s time we had a little chat.

You see, I’ve started to notice something about the way you criticize certain things that you don’t like, specifically what those criticisms say about your feelings toward women.

Take, for instance, this tweet:

Norman Lebrecht (@NLebrecht)
12/19/12 1:51 PM
Nuns, sluts and Mormons head US classical sales, but there’s a cello rising fast behind…

Clicking on the link reveals that by “sluts,” you meant Fifty Shades of Gray:  The Classical Album.

Now, I know that it’s disheartening to see a hodge-podge of an album, hastily cobbled together in order to capitalize on the BDSM Twilight fanfic sensation, become one of the most popular classical albums of the year when there have been so many excellent and smart recordings.  I know.  It hurts.

But you didn’t say that. Instead, you copped out by using a nasty slur.  Look, the book is garbage.  There’s no doubt about it.  But let us make one thing clear: it is garbage because it’s poorly written fluff, not because it contains page after page of explicit sex that got the housewives of America a lot more excited than their husbands ever did.  The album is also garbage, but not because the women (and men!) who bought it are “sluts.”

Speaking of sluts, I also noticed you blogged about Katherine Jenkins this week.  In fact a quick search of her name on your blog shows that you blog about her a lot.  But that most recent post sort of skeeved me out.

Katherine Jenkins adopts nude look for Breakfast

Here’s what she tweeted this morning: Today’s BBC Breakfast look… Nude dress by Jexika. Shoes Kurt Keiger.

Watch the video here. The top quartile seems to be styled by Barbie.

Still, the interview was revealing in certain ways. On going to America to Dance with the Stars, she says: ‘Unless you’re a fan of classical music, you wouldn’t know who I was’.

Oh, Kaff…. classical music, eh? You know, being vegetarian is not all it takes.

First of all, I’m not sure what you found so notable about KJ’s dress.  Nude is a color.  Did nobody ever tell you that?

Again, I get it.  KJ pisses off every legitimate classical musician, because she makes ten times the money with just a tenth of the talent.  But guess what:  her dress is irrelevant to the conversation.  And so is her personal life.

You know, as often as you spew insults at Katherine Jenkins, you kind of look like the boy on the playground who runs up to the girl he has a crush on and punches her in the arm.  Thank goodness you clarified that for us:

In the meantime, we feel it is important that the public should know that no-one at Slipped Disc has ever slept with Katherine Jenkins. Never even considered it. Wouldn’t do it if she was served up pouting on a bed of leeks singing early Mahler songs. Out of the question.

Of course, now we all know what you really found lacking in Fifty Shades of Gray.  KINKY!


Things that Happened Yesterday

This is a wee bit self-indulgent, but hear me out.  (Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.)

i had a lovely day yesterday, most of which I spent refreshing the hit counter for this blog every sixty seconds, while I watched comments come in on Facebook and Twitter.  My gawd, is there anything a performer likes more than attention?  (Hint:  yes, there is, and it rhymes with malcohol.)

Highlights of the day included being told by my Aunt Cat that I should be a Unitarian minister, and a twitter follower who created the hashtag #iammartin.

After sending him the link, I was rather pleased to see Christopher Gillett, an actual working opera singer, and author of Who’s My Bottom?, the book that I refer to as Opera’s answer to Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, issue the following tweet:

If you’re at all interested in what life is like for a working-stiff opera singer (as opposed to an opera star), you should check out his blog.

Also, I was just tickled by this:

Thanks to everyone who read my little meditation on not quite living your dream.  And if you came back today to see what else I have to say, double thank you!